Taking care of business

At Miami Valley Lighting, we have decades of experience in designing, installing and maintaining standard and custom lighting for all types of companies. We provide outdoor lighting services to more than 190 businesses. These organizations value customer and employee safety, and desire to provide high quality parking lot and security lighting for their stakeholders.

We also create convenience. From the convenience for companies that no longer have to struggle to maintain their lights and poles and replace their bulbs to the simple convenience for all of their guests who benefit from a brightly illuminated space.

You can choose from an range of options that best suit the needs and budget of your organization. Miami Valley Lighting offers our Full Service product, in which we own, install, and maintain your organization’s complete lighting system. We can upgrade your existing lights with energy-saving LED fixtures. We provide a wide array of decorative lighting options. And we create affordable, customized maintenance and ownership plans.

See how we’re lighting the way for these businesses: