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    Park-N-Go airport parking upgrades to LED lighting to improve visibility

    See the difference between light emitting diode (LED) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting in the photo above. Park-N-Go’s economy lot (on the left) utilizes LED lighting so shuttle drivers can quickly find customers’ vehicles. The valet parking lot (on the right) still uses HPS fixtures.

    Solution Commercial
    Industry Airport parking service
    Project Scope Removed 16 – 250 watt HPS fixtures. Installed 16 – 206 watt LED fixtures.
    Benefits/Savings  29% reduction in energy usage. Improved color rendering (white LED light vs. yellow HPS light.)


    Park-N-Go is an airport parking service, located at 1140 West National Road in Vandalia, that offers full service valet parking and economy self-parking services to busy travelers. Travelers can use either service to safely park their cars and take a shuttle to the Dayton International Airport. Since 2004, Park-N-Go has been a full service lighting customer of Miami Valley Lighting, when High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures were installed to provide lighting for around-the-clock travelers. Airport shuttle drivers reported they were having trouble seeing the license plates and car colors parked in the lots because the HPS fixtures distorted colors and made it difficult to read license plates at night. When time is money and a tired traveler is trying to get home to his family, you can’t afford to spend a lot of time searching for the wrong color car or not being able to clearly see numbers and letters on a license plate. That’s when they called Miami Valley Lighting.

    Clear results

    “Miami Valley Lighting has been leasing us the lighting system for several years, so they were the obvious choice,” the President of Park-N-Go Airport Parking Inc. said.  Miami Valley Lighting installed 16 new LED fixtures in the Park-N-Go self-parking lot. The fixtures provided a brighter natural light that increased the color clarity of the lighting and decreased energy usage. Park-N-Go Manager said employees “like the lighting. They were totally pleased. It has made it much easier to do their jobs.”

    Energy-efficient solution

    Miami Valley Lighting estimates Park-N-Go reduced its energy usage by 29% with the new LED fixtures. With the reduced energy usage and long-term savings on maintenance costs, Miami Valley Lighting was able to keep Park-N-Go’s monthly fees within their budget. The manager called his company’s interaction with Miami Valley Lighting “very positive.” The manager said Park-N-Go also appreciates “the fact we can call Miami Valley Lighting and we know the maintenance will be done quickly.”

    LED lights illuminate a Park-N-Go

    More information

    To learn more about energy efficient LED fixtures for your commercial parking lot, contact us.

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