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    Customized Solutions

    Customized solutions

    Your challenges, our solutions

    We recognize that every organization and community is different, and has its own unique lighting needs. That’s why we are eager to create customized packages for our customers.

    View of the top of a street light

    Miami Valley Lighting installed custom decorative street lights on utility poles in the Village of Pitsburg, Ohio.

    Decorative street light in the City of Oakwood

    Miami Valley Lighting worked with the City of Oakwood and the Greater Dayton RTA to design a solution to meet their needs. 

    Almond Village is well-lit with cobra street lights and decorative lighting

    Learn how Miami Valley Lighting combined standard cobra street lights and decorative outdoor lights to add a sense of security to residents at Almond Village.

    Residential neighborhood overlooking a small pond and decorative street light

    Decorative street lights add charm to residential neighborhoods. 

    Custom lighting simplified

    You can choose us to design and install lights along a walking or bike pathway, or maintain and repair your existing lighting system. Whatever the solution you need, Miami Valley Lighting can create it.


    Banner and flag attachments

    Specifications for customers attaching flags or banners to Miami Valley Lighting street light poles.

    More information

    To discuss a custom solution for your organization or community, please contact us.

    Woman with cellphone and portfolio

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