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    Street Lighting

    Street lighting

    Street smarts

    At Miami Valley Lighting, we provide quality, competitively-priced street lighting services that deliver bright solutions to our communities and neighborhoods. We understand that local governments have an ever-growing list of expenditures and limited budgets. So why not leave the lighting to us? We offer the full spectrum of street lighting services – from design to installation and maintenance – that ensures roadways and sidewalks are properly lit for enhanced safety, security and usability.

    Street lights illuminate an empty road at night with a single car driving

    Standard cobra street lights add security and visibility to any roadway.

    Exterior image of York Commons at Miller Lane

    Decorative street lights add character and security near Miller Lane in Butler Township.

    View from above over a street with street lights

    Miami Valley Lighting installed custom decorative street lights to meet the needs of the City of Oakwood, Ohio.

    View of the top of a street light

    Miami Valley Lighting installed custom decorative street lights on utility poles in the Village of Pitsburg, Ohio.

    LED street lights illuminate a street at the University of Dayton

    LED street lights provide energy efficient security lighting in alleys at the University of Dayton.

    View of a well-lit street at the University of Dayton

    University of Dayton students feel secure walking through student housing at night thanks to decorative street lights installed by Miami Valley Lighting.


    Decorative street lights add character to any community or neighborhood.

    You have choices with us

    We provide a wide range of street lighting fixtures, poles and services. Our standard luminaire is a cobra-style fixture on a mast arm attached to a wood or spun aluminum pole with overhead wire. However, we also provide decorative street lighting options. Whatever your preference, we can find the right solution for you.


    Street lighting simplified

    Lighting is a vital investment for any community. To ease initial upfront costs, we have a flexible payment option. Choose our Full Service Product and we’ll take care of the rest – our fixed monthly fee includes repair, maintenance and energy charges.

    We also offer payment options to customers who want to own their complete lighting system but would prefer that we design and install it. We will work with you to meet the needs of your business.

    More information

    To start lighting up the streets of your organization or community, please contact us.

    Woman with cellphone and portfolio

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