Almond Village residents love their Miami Valley Lighting parking lot and decorative outdoor fixtures

Notice in the photo above that Almond Village is surrounded by a residential neighborhood. You can clearly see where the Miami Valley Lighting-designed solution ends and the other neighborhood lighting begins.

Solution Residential
Industry 60 unit residential apartment community
Project Scope Project 1: Replaced 26-175 watt mercury vapor Town & Country night guards with 100 watt HPS traditional-style fixtures.

Project 2: Replaced 11-400 watt mercury vapor night guards on wooden poles with cobra-style 250 watt HPS fixtures. Also straightened and relocated poles and installed new underground systems.
Benefits/Savings  As a full service lighting customer, upgrades were made with minimal upfront costs. Pay one single monthly fee for equipment, installation, maintenance and energy costs.

For the elderly or disabled residents of Dayton’s Almond Village, it’s important to their mobility and sense of security that outdoor lighting illuminates as much of the community as possible. The 60-unit residential community underwent a renovation of the buildings and Miami Valley Lighting replaced the old fixtures with decorative traditional style and cobra style High Pressure Sodium (HPS) parking lot fixtures, straightened poles, relocated some of the poles and fixtures and provided new underground systems to improve the overall lighting.

Secure results

“We love them,” said Almond Village's property manager. “Our people definitely depend on them. They love the lighting.” The property manager said the residents tell her they “can see a lot more and when the lights come on, the community is well-lit.” She said the community has a lot of people who would like to become residents and the lighting is an attractive amenity. She has gotten comments from people interested in moving into Almond Village and they say “the lighting makes it look really nice at night.” As a manager, she also appreciates the fact that the lights automatically come on so she can rely on a steady level of performance. “It’s awesome,” she said.

Continuing customer satisfaction

Miami Valley Lighting also provides full service lighting that eliminates the hassle, labor and maintenance costs usually associated with customer-owned lighting systems. The full service provides a single point of contact for all outdoor lighting needs, including design, engineering, installation and maintenance. “Miami Valley Lighting comes out whenever we call,” she said. “When we notice a light is out, they’re on it. ”Miami Valley Lighting has maintenance service level agreements with its customers and typically performs better than the allotted time in the agreement.

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