As the University of Dayton grows, Miami Valley Lighting assists with improving sustainability through efficient lighting.

Solution Education
Industry Private university
Project Scope Removed 65 – 150 watt HPS fixtures.
Installed 65 – 110 watt LED fixtures.
Benefits/Savings  32% reduction in energy usage.
Increased color rendering (white LED light vs. yellow HPS light.)

The University of Dayton is the largest private university in Ohio and has a campus that spans 388 acres in southern Dayton on both sides of the Great Miami River.

Spotlight on safety and savings

With such a large campus, the university has a wide range of exterior lighting needs, including parking lotsroadways, paths and alleys adjacent to residential areas. All areas must be properly illuminated for the safety of students who walk between classes, to on-campus residences or nearby university-owned housing.

UD’s Director of Energy Utilization and Contractor Compliance said the high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures installed in 2003 distorted colors. For security personnel, it is difficult to distinguish the color of clothing or cars because of the orange-tinted lighting.

“There was a safety aspect,” the Director said. “I wanted to get crisp, clean lighting on campus – as well as getting rid of the orange glow.”

The Director said the institutional look provided by the former high pressure sodium fixtures did not support the image the campus was pursuing as it grows and expands as a vital center of higher education. Besides security for students and staffers, the University of Dayton is also actively seeking to become more environmentally friendly and efficient with spending for its energy costs.

Clear results

The Director discussed his options with Miami Valley Lighting, who advised him to update campus lighting to light emitting diode (LED) technology. The University replaced 67 standard HPS with 110 watt LED fixtures – resulting in more than 30% energy savings.

“Every year we drive the whole campus and look to see if any lights are out,” the Director said. “The comments have been how much better the LED lighting looks.”

Miami Valley Lighting is also working with the university to retrofit 19 decorative style fixtures along Stonemill Road and Founders Lane with LED fixtures.

As a longstanding partner, Miami Valley Lighting has been supplying the university with quality lighting since 2000. “They’ve been great,” the Director said. “They respond very well. They do a great job. Miami Valley Lighting delivers great aesthetics for the campus during the day and provides for increased safety at night.”

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